How to send money with PayPal

PayPal is an online service for sending payments worldwide. This American company was founded in 1998 and it now operates in over 200 countries. Apart from personal transactions, you can also make your business transactions. It processes payments for online retailers, auction websites, online shopping, donations to charities and many more. You can also make purchases on various websites and pay with the money in your PayPal account. It is the most favorable payment option for people dealing with an international client or a dealer. It has grown to become one of the most used online payment services. Millions of customers use its services every day for sending funds to other countries. For a regular user, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to send a payment. In this article, you will learn how you can also send money in few easy steps.

Sign up for an account

You will need to have a PayPal account to start sending money. You can either log into their website or download their App and register through it. Click on the “Sign up” tab and you will be asked for a few details which are required for registering your account. You will need to have a working email ID and phone number for verification. Apart from this, you would also be required a valid government issued photo ID for the verification of your identity. This requirement can vary for different countries. The process for setting up an account is similar to any online account and you need to just follow the instructions during the registration process. You will receive an email with the link to complete verification of your account. . Once you are verified you can start the transaction.

How to send money with PayPal

Online fund transfer

You can send money to anyone by just having their email or phone number even if the recipient doesn’t have a PayPal account. Once the transfer is made they will receive an email with detailed instruction for signing up for an account in which the funds will be credited.

After logging in you will see “Pay or send money” or in some cases “Send or Request” tab on the home screen. This is because it has different service packages for different countries. You should first check which type of services they offer in your country.

Follow the below mentioned actions to start the transfer:

  1. Click on “Send money”
  2. Enter the recipient’s email ID or phone number
  3. Enter the amount you wish to send and the currency
  4. A message to the recipient (optional)
  5. Enter the shipping address
  6. Recheck the details and click “Continue”

After completing this part you will be directed toward making payments.

Online fund transfer

Payment options

You can pay for your fund transfer with your PayPal balance, debit or credit card, bank account and PayPal credit. The amount you receive in your PayPal account from any source becomes your PayPal balance. Whatever balance you have in your account gets used to fund your transfer first. Rest of the amount can be funded through the other options. Your credit/debit card and bank account can be used to fund the transfer too. You can add your credit card, debit card and bank account details so for future payments you don’t have to enter them again.

PayPal Credit is another way to fund your transfer when you don’t have money with you. You will have to apply for credit and start making payments only if your request gets approved. PayPal credit is an online credit given by PayPal which gives the flexibility to the user to pay for its purchases right away and settle them later.

Select the payment options and enter their details. Recheck the details and click send. Your fund transfer is complete and both the parties will be notified. Make sure you have correct details of the recipient before you make the transfer.

Transfer fee

There are different fees applicable to different countries but it’s usually cheaper to pay with PayPal balance or form a bank account. Within the US there are zero transfer fees. Fund transfer fee made from the US to Canada is $2.99 and for other European countries, the fee is $4.99. If the transfer is funded with a credit/debit card additional 2.9% of the transfer fee is applied in addition to the standard fee mentioned earlier. Along with this, a fixed fee is also applicable which depends on the currency being transferred.


Sending money with PayPal is easy and quite reasonable. It has great reviews from its customers who appreciate it for being fast and user-friendly. It has over 200 million active users who use its services for different kinds of payments and purchases. Anyone who transacts with foreign clients feels that it is the most convenient way of making regular payments.

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